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Transform your workplace

Diversity and inclusion go well beyond hiring and staff retention. Our work is about recognizing complex identities and building inclusive communities.

Staff join you because they are inspired and they stay because they are connected to the work. Connection goes beyond free lunches - it's personal, consistent, and honest.


Voice, choice, and leadership are at the root of social and emotional development. Let's build systems and opportunities for individuals to be heard and learned from.


Belonging is the heart of all of our work - it's the intersection of equity and learning. Let's work together to ensure all current and future teams feel that they belong.


We are disrupters. We are here to start and contribute to a continuous dialogue on inclusion, belonging, diverse identities, and visibility in the workplace. We'd love to develop a personalized workshop or presentation that best fits the needs of your organization - but feel free to take a look at our (non-exhaustive) list of topics below for inspiration!


This interactive workshop will examine the ways in which we have been taught to think about gender. More specifically: what expectations and assumptions have we been taught to associate with gender? And how do those ideas impact how we think about ourselves, navigate the world, and interact with each other? How do our other identities impact how we understand and experience gender? Using interactive exercises and personal experience as catalysts for discussion, participantswill collectively explore these concepts and work to find strategies to confront gender bias in the workplace.

Inclusive Workplace


This interactive workshop will explore how our identities (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) impact how we experience the world. How might ‘not seeing color (or gender)’ in fact promote bias and exclusion? Why do I feel a certain way when a co-worker receives a promotion instead of me? In what ways might a co-worker’s common experiences with either exclusion or access feel foreign to me? We will investigate structural and unconscious bias, as well as the varied dimensions of privilege. Finally, this interactive and generative session will ask participants to identify concrete strategies for counteracting bias and inequity in the workplace. 

Bias and Fear


This writing workshop asks participants to use their personal experiences as a means of identifying the challenges to achieving equity and inclusion in the workplace.  We guide your team through a structured conversation as a way of generating solutions to combat prejudice and discrimination in your company. This session gives participants the opportunity to voluntarily share their writing and will challenge the group to draft communal strategies toward solutions, with facilitated guidance and support throughout.  

 Social Justice in Story

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