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Ready to dive into social justice work with your students in an interactive and innovative way? So are we! Check out our offerings below or connect with us via email to customize our visit. 

60-75 minute workshops aligned with

National Health Education Standards, and centered on the Whole Child

This interactive workshop will examine the ways in which we have been taught to think about gender. More specifically: what gendered expectations and assumptions have we internalized? And how do those ideas impact how we think about ourselves, navigate the world, and interact with each other? How are new paradigms subverting outdated clichés like the rigid gender binary and prescribed gender roles? How do our other identities (i.e. race, sexuality, socioeconomic status, nationality, religion, etc.) impact how we understand and experience gender? Using history, intersectionality, and personal experience as frames for discussion, participantswill collectively explore these

and other concepts. 

Reimagining Gender

Beyond Socialized Roles, Beyond the Binary

This interactive workshop will explore how our intersecting social identities impact how each of us experiences the world. We will interrogate historical legacies of structural inequity and the unearned privilege and access that accompany it. Moreover, we will investigate the ways in which some identities enable us to wield unearned structural power, while others, simultaneously, make us susceptible to systemic and interpersonal discrimination. Using history, intersectionality, and personal experience as frames for discussion, participants will collectively explore these and other concepts.

Our Intersecting Selves

Diversity, Identity, Equity, & Inclusion

This writing workshop will challenge participants to use personal experience as a means of grappling with social inequity and exclusion: whether it be as a means of identifying and bearing witness to examples of discrimination (interpersonal or systemic) or providing an opportunity to examine instances of being complicit with or responsible for prejudice and discrimination. This session will be generative and allow participants the opportunity to voluntarily share their work, with facilitated support and guidance throughout.

Writing Through

Storytelling Towards Social Justice

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